Travel immunisations

These are usually carried out by the practice nurse who should be consulted at least 6 weeks in advance of travel initially by making an appointment at the travel clinic. The travel clinic takes place on a Wednesday at the Eastwood Health and Care Centre.  Please bring your completed travel questionnaire to this appointment.  You can download it from this site or pick one up from the surgery.   

You may be required to collect a prescription prior to attending for the vaccination(s). A charge will be made for certain vaccinations not covered by the NHS. Please note that if you are visiting 4 or more countries, or are backpacking, you may have to visit a specialist Travel Clinic who will be able to assess your vaccination requirements.

For guidance on the worldwide requirement for protection when travelling go to (Be sure to look at the key and other information below the map before clicking on the map.)  Read the information below and please complete the travel form you can download here which should then be brought to your appointment. 




NHS Travel Immunisation

If given sufficient notice, at least 6 weeks notice, the following vaccines are available free under the NHS. They are offered where the patient is travelling to an area where exposure to the infection is likely to be high:

Ø  Tetanus, Diptheria & Polio

Ø  Hepatitis A

Ø  Typhoid

Ø  Cholera

Non NHS Travel Immunisation

The following are NOT available under the NHS but can be given for an appropriate fee.  This fee is payable to the Practice at the time of collection of the Prescription, by either cash or a cheque. The Vaccine is written on a Private Prescription rather than an NHS prescription.  This means that the cost of the vaccine is not subsidised by the NHS. (Private Prescriptions are issued by the GP/ Nurse Prescriber at a charge of £15, included in the fee cost below). The Private Prescription is then taken to the pharmacy where they will charge the patient per vaccine depending on their cost list. 

VACCINE MacLean Medical Practice – fee cost for identifying Vaccine required, providing Private Prescription and administering vaccine
Hepatitis B (course of 3) £45.00
Meningococcal Meningitis A+C £15.00
Rabies (course of 3) £45.00
Japanese B Encephalitis (course of 2) £30.00
Tick Borne Encephalitis (course of 2) £30.00

Malaria Prophylaxis

This is not provided on the NHS.  Some of the medicines can be purchased from the pharmacist without a prescription; others require a Private Prescription which costs £15.00 and the pharmacy will then charge the patient per tablet required.

Other Options

If you are travelling at short notice you can refer yourself to a private clinic. Also, if you require vaccines not included above, you will need to refer yourself to a private clinic. Below is a list of some private clinics you may wish to consider, although others are available. The MacLean Medical Practice does not have a preference. 


Glasgow Airport Clinic

Brownlee Travel

Sauchiehall Street

08450 260830

0141 848 4800

0141 211 1074

Travelling overseas on holiday or business, voluntary work or on a school trip, may expose you to specific health risks. In many cases, the surgery can provide individualised practical support and advice to minimise these risks. Travel advice is generally provided by one of  the Practice Nurses,  Joy MacPhee or Melanie Rooney, within the surgery.  To access this service, it is important that you plan ahead and provide the surgery with essential information at least 6 weeks before travelling.

It is essential that you initially gather some basic health information on the country you will visit from the online national patient travel website, available at  This will enable you complete the following travel form, which should then be handed into the surgery. You will be offered an appointment with Practice Nurse to discuss your travel requirements, based on the information you provide on the travel form and on your previous and current health.

Protecting you against many of the diseases that are prevalent in some countries may require particular drugs or vaccines, often given over several weeks before travelling. Some of these are available through a NHS prescription, but within UK many drugs and vaccines for travel purposes can only be accessed by private prescription and you will have to pay the pharmacist for supplying these. You should consider that this may add a significant cost to your travels.  If drugs or vaccines are required, the Practice Nurse will work out a schedule for these and arrange for prescriptions, which can be collected either at the surgery or a local pharmacy. Further appointments will then be arranged for administration of your vaccines.

Some of the health problems that can be encountered in other countries cannot be prevented by drugs or vaccines, or may require additional precautions. The Practice Nurse will discuss these with you at your initial appointment. As appointment time will be limited, it is essential that you obtain further comprehensive information, available online from the travel website. You should inform the Practice Nurse if you do not have access to the internet.

Travel advice can also be easily accessed from several private clinics and specialist travel centres within the Glasgow area. You should access these, rather than the surgery, if you are travelling within 6 weeks. If your travel health needs are extensive and/or complex and require specialist information, drugs or vaccines, you may be advised by the Practice Nurse to attend one of the following specialist travel centres. For example, visiting more than 4 countries, will require you to contact a specialised Travel Centre.

Glasgow Airport Travel        0141 848 4800

Brownlee Travel Centre       0141 211 1074

Parkside Travel Clinic           0141 636 0055

Ailsa Travel Clinic                  0141 429 091

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